RTX London - Contributors: Notimagain/Masamune113

Comedy and Gaming Convention

On the weekend of the the 15th -16th September, Production house Rooster Teeth held the second annual RTX London at the ExCel Centre in the UK.

Me and Stefan had already planned to go the the convention prior to the re-launch of Immaterial Gamers, booking our tickets in April.

However, given that we got the website going, we decided to not just go and enjoy ourselves, but also see how the convention held up, both for me as the convention-going newbie, and for Stefan in comparison to RTX Austin, which he has attended previously.

We did have differing opinions regarding how it went, so we thought the best thing to do was to share our experiences separately, but also put it together into one big piece.

So without further ado...

The Journey

Ryan : Friday the 14th September. Approx 9am. The journey from Manchester to London begins. After taking a tram to Manchester Piccadilly, we ended up on a nice and comfy Virgin Pendolino for just over 2 hours,played the board game Coup, and ate polony sandwiches while heading towards London Euston.


That was the easy part of the trip... then we entered the hell scape that was the London Underground.

The big advantage? You really can jump from one part of London to the other very, VERY quickly. The disadvantages? Stairs everywhere, the claustrophobic atmosphere of being underground, the feeling of being a sardine, and more. The DLR portion of the trip though? That wasn't bad. It had windows that let you see the unique skyscrapers that the city had to offer!

The Event Centre


Ryan : So let's get one thing clear, ExCel London is a big place. 2 Floors of convention space, plenty of food places to get a bite to eat, and a good set of toilet facilities for when you need it.

The place could have been too big for the comparatively small part that was used for RTX London, less than a quarter of the convention centre. As a plus side it was a more intimate experience, but given there were no other events that weekend, the building past that hive of activity was a little...desolate.

The Panels

Ryan : The panels at RTX London were varied, and mostly pretty damn busy.

Over the event, we managed to get into 4 panels - :

The RWBY Panel – Enjoyed some previews of RWBY themed stories, manga, and Game updates

The RT Animation panel – Talk about continuing Western Anime RWBY, Cartoony Nomad of Nowhere, and the big voice actor announcements for the upcoming Western Mecha animation gen:Lock.

Glitch Please – Mostly Spiderman and Animal Crossing talk really.

Kinda Funny – The panel I can attribute nearly breaking a rib due to laughing so hard. This panel spilled onto the centre stage and the laughter continued there.

The panels as a whole were generally very good.

The queuing, however, could have been better, and if a panel contained the words Achievement or Hunter, it was better to watch it outside on YouTube in the centre because it was pretty clear you were not getting in.

Stefan : The number of panels that were been held, I found a little disappointing as I have been to RTX Austin were more was going on over a number of locations.

The RWBY Panel I enjoyed every much as I hopping for some looks in to season 6 that didn't have long till be released online, with that I cant say I was disappointed with the Art work we gone shown. As I didn't read or follow what happened at Austin's RTX this year I was Every happy to see that Team CFVY was getting it own Manga following them After the Fall of Beacon. just be the end of the Panel we got a sneak look at the Upcoming Mecha Animation that been worked on called Gen:Lock

The RT Animation, I have to say was the one Panel I didn't want to miss as an Animator myself, I could not wait to see what RT Animation was working on of shows that are waiting for new seasons as the new shows that are in the pipelines, starting of with RWBY most that we told in the RWBY panel as well having a laugh at Matt for having Panels going against much bigger and more popular Panels. We started talking about the Nomad of Nowhere, a show I started to watch a few weeks before the Convention, before moving on to what was to come from RT Animation, we got to watch an episode of Nomad of Nowhere a day early. To reap up the Panel we were told more about the Gen:Lock and the big voice actor announcement for the Animation.

As someone that has not seen a episode of Glitch Please I wasn't looking Forward for this panel like I was for the other panels we did plan on seeing, to start off they begin talking about Animal Crossing something I have tried playing but did like it like so many other people I was happy to it was not just myself losing some interest, as Jon started playing pokemon Go as the other talked about Animal Crossing, as the other Panellist found out and Confronted him on stage, the talk moved on to Spiderman and some Infinity wars jokes.

As we didn't plane on seeing panel for a few hours and did plane on going to Exhibit Hall for a look around something we did day one as we couldn't get in to a panel we had planed we went to see "KINDA FUNNY: WHY DID YOU LET US INTO YOUR COUNTRY". from the name I cant say I wasn't interested in going as well finding out Greg Miller (Former IGN Member) and well known You Tuber was one of the master minds behind it I couldn't say no. I'm happy we did go as from the start you couldn't stop laughing with the pure stupid and almost complete randomness of what was going on. After the Panel we headed to the Exhibit hall where Kinda Funny was going to take over the stage for gaming and complete Randomness.

Overall the Panels we got to see I found outstanding and I would do it again and again each year, the only down side I found was the queuing as it seemed to have no structure, the Guardians that had done it in the other RTX's had their going for them trying to keep as fun, easy and fair for all the Attendees. I hope with time Rooster Teeth we have more room and be able to grow RTX London in to something that could hold its own next to RTX Austin.

he Exhibit Hall

Ryan : The floor was, in a word, packed. There were lots of merchants selling their wares. Cards, shirts, Mystery Boxes, dice, American sweets and more.

The floor was also full of Games that were being shown off, and were quite busy. There was a central booth for id's Rage 2, a section where people could play the RWBY characters in the latest BlazBlue, and a place where people could zone out with a bit of PUBG.

I myself got to try out a preview of Forza Horizon 4, and while it was a clear “attract demo”, cross-section of gameplay and all, I did quite enjoy it.

Me and Stefan also played a little bit of a game called TerraTech, which was charmingly destructive.

Overall it was a good trip. There were a lot of good things that were going on during the event, and a lot of improvements that could be made, but on the whole if Rooster Teeth keep the momentum going, RTX London can get much stronger in the future.