Having personally tried dozens of farming apps this is by far my favourite. This app has kept my interest for a total of 966 log in days to date which works out to approximately 2 and a half years.

Fun to do, this will take at least 20 minutes a day once you have gathered some of your essentials. The main daily task is your logins as the more you login in a row the better the rewards. Logins also give country club points which add up to extra rewards.

The main thing you have to decide is whether you are going to invest real money in the game. If you do then you will advance much quicker. I have chosen the slower route and have never paid a penny for any in game items. Saving up my RC (in game currency) sometimes means that I miss out on certain rewards and it can be a little bit frustrating. RC is given for levelling and for doing extra tasks.

After making your decision this is a simple game of planting, waiting, and harvesting. Plants, trees and shrubs are the harvests available and as you progress you will unlock more varieties of each, Trees can be quite expensive so I choose to only purchase RC trees if really needed for an event or task. You can also unlock various machines for crafting items with the things you grow and collect.

Extra tasks/quests are given on a monthly basis and rewards are given for stages of the quest being completed. If you do not complete all the tasks in the quest then it is stored in your lighthouse and you can return at a later date to complete them but they are then on a timer.

You can expand your farm making it bigger therefore fitting more items on the farm 3 mini tasks are required to unlock each expansion. At level 28 you then unlock your island farm. Which is just more extra space that grows different fruits, and has different machines for crafting.

You can also add friends from your real life, your Facebook life or even make new friends through the game. These friends can help you out on your farm daily and you can visit them and help them out for which you will receive a reward.

To sum up this is a fun game that will take up as much time as you are willing to put into it (the more time the quicker the reward). A game that you don’t have to really think about doing it’s very easy to get caught up in needing to grow your items to get further. As long as you log in daily there is no pressure to complete anything and it is entirely up to you how far you will proceed.

I would give it 8 out of 10 for playability

The biggest drawback being the expectation that you will invest your hard earned real life cash into the game.

Family Farm Seaside - Contributor: Mysticheart

Farming app for Android & Iphone