Wartune - Contributor: Mysticheart

RPG app for Android & Iphone


I have played the pc version of this game for a number of years and I am very proud to be a kick ass archer girl. But, with each major update the game seems to get more and complicated so, when I saw this in my android app store I thought

“Well how complicated can they make an app truly?”.

Answer : This is brilliant it is like playing a smaller version of the original game I played.

I was so pleasantly surprised, and am back to playing my new kick ass archers daily.


















The first thing to do is to sign up (free) and create a character. As I said I have chosen to be a Female archer, but there are other choices you can of course choose to be male or female. Then there is the choice between archer, warrior or mage. Choose wisely as you are stuck with the character once you have chosen unless you completely start again.

A warrior relies on strength i.e. brute force and his moves and weapons are geared towards this.

A Mage relies on magic and his/her qualities, weapons and ability to heal itself is geared towards this.

An archer is gear a little bit more towards intelligence with some brute force thrown in there.

Now what to expect in the game. To start with you get a small tutorial to introduce you to your character and one or two of the enemies, then you are shown to your town.




































To start with you just have to concentrate on updating your town hall, barracks and houses, and your farm where you can grow kyanite, daru, exp, and gold. These resources are all going to be greatly desired at some point. These will help you with troops and the amount of troops you are able to have. The higher the level the more you are allowed. Eventually in your town you will also have an academy, a warehouse, your barracks, a gold refinery, house and catacombs to take care of in this area.



















Levelling up is easy at this point you will level almost hourly but, be aware that around level 25 it starts to really slow down and unless you are sinking money into the game then you will think you are never going to reach your target. Take heart you will it just takes a little bit longer using free stuff than it will paying in. At this point there are solo dungeons to complete and this is where you will receive your largest amount of experience (exp) points and in game money. Here you will fight through monster areas with the help of your (hopefully increasing in level troops). Until you reach the level boss, complete these and you’re laughing all the way to the virtual exp bank.


Soon the game is going to ask you to find or create a guild. Unless you have a number of friends who play the game with you then the easiest thing is to join a readymade guild.



















The advantages to being in a guild are that you can collect daily rewards, dependant on the guilds level from the daily spins. And in theory there will always be someone from the guild willing to help you out later in the game when the multiplayer dungeons open. You can also contribute to the guild wealth in exchange for guild points. These points allow you to spin the daily wheel and also learn skills.




















Levelling opens up the exciting picture above, this is the city here you find more Things to do. This is where you will find the afore mentioned multi player dungeons. They are exactly what it says on the tin, you will need t team up with up to 3 other players to complete a dungeon. In this dungeon you will not have the help of your troop hence the need for other players help but, in theory you do get much better rewards.


Around this point you will also open the catacombs, this is the crypt and in the crypt you will earn crypt tokens to be spent in the crypt shop. Rewards in there include scrolls to temporarily add to your strengths or even better you can save them up for much better equipment.


Level 40 will open up your battle rides, varies creatures that become your ride around town you will need to level up the rides to make your character stronger using mount training whips that randomly drop from different activities. The other way to level up is to use your bound balens which you have hopefully been saving up from the start of play.


At this point I should probably talk about the balens. These come in two different types. Firstly there are unbound balens these are bought using your own real life money. Starting at around £3.99 for 300 balens up to £39.99 for 3600 balen if you are going to go down this route then be aware that it will take a lot of balens to get through the game. Clothing costs balens, items cost balen, and equipment can cost balens. The other type is the bound balens which you randomly earn for completing tasks throughout the game at first they are throwing to bound balens at you signing in earns you balens etc, this does slow down and if you are lucky you can pick them up from the daily spin. These balens come in handy. I use mine for clothing to enhance my abilities and of course look cool.



















Level 50 will unleash your sylph, you may by now be thinking oh my goodness more stuff to look after. Your sylph will significantly increase your power levels. The sylph will be levelled up by using mahra and spectrum hat have up till now been sitting in your inventory taking up valuable space here is where you get rid of them. Beat the little nymphs above to collect essence to make your sylph. You sylph will sit behind you in fights until the meter is full at which point you can unleash your sylph on your enemy for the duration of the meter running down.



















Twice daily the world boss turns up, he is not only part of your daily task but also a great source of exp, daru (needed for troops) and kyanite (needed for the academy).

Another daily event is the battleground this is the most frequent of the pop up areas but as your against the other players here then possibly one of the hardest areas.

Level 60 is my next target and I will be posting another review when I reach level 80 to update all that this does for you.

Game play: excellent as there is so much to do you should never be bored

Rating: for me this has to be a 10/10 and I am notoriously hard to get 10 out of as my belief is that there is always going to be room for improvement in anything.

I am just hoping they don’t keep adding to it like the pc version and make it too complicated